From the age 10, I had piano lessons and played in bands. Not until 5 yrs ago I decided to go and write whole arrangements, build a studio, get familiar with composing, arranging, recording and mixing. I participated in a songwriting contest with the biggest Dutch radiostation (Radio538) and won a record-deal with 8ball Music.

The song 'Chasing Dreams' was released, aired and became the 'Dance Smash' in 2011 on the biggest Dutch radio station -  Radio538. The track featured on several albums with approximately 60.000 copies sold world wide.

For my productions I am on the lookout for new vocal talents (also international) to collaborate. Trying all different styles of music, I am currenly searching for both male and female vocalists for dance/house/pop songs which are already completed to the stage they can be recorded.

So, if you have a unique sound and have an excellent English accent, give me a ping!
See you in the studio!

Sebastian Cruz

M U S I C  P R O D U C E R


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